Mergers & Acquisitions

Summit Capital Investment Group is our mergers and acquisition (M&A) affiliate that specializes as intermediary for privately held companies with enterprise value between 1 Million and 25 Million dollars.  Our focus is to provide advisory services to lower middle-market companies that typically have an underlying real estate asset.    These companies are usually purchased by:

1. Strategic Buyers – industry buyers who want to accelerate growth within their market.

2. “Corporate Refugees” – business executives who have significant business skills from working in the corporate environment and now want to utilize these skills to operate a scalable business of their own.

3. Private Equity Groups (“PEGS”) – these groups acquire platform investments and acquisitions to grow for future sale.

We are industry agnostic, and have had success selling companies in manufacturing, automotive, marine, distribution, hospitality, retail, and specialty construction.


Contact Adam Bauer, CBI for more information on our M&A service lines.